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Wimbledon 2021

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The cancelation of Wimbledon 2020 marks the first time since World War II that the major London tennis tournament has been cancelled, all thanks to the Corona virus. So, the real question is, will Wimbledon be back and kicking or swinging at least between June 28-July 11th 2021?

The truth is that nobody really knows for certain what restrictions might be in place at the time. However, in some positive news at least, the officials involved have indicated that the 2021 tournament would go ahead with or without fans filling the stadium. A view that has been supported by British tennis champion Andy Murry.

Wimbledon, tennis

Wimbledon CEO Sally Bolton has said: "Staging the championships in 2021 is our number one priority and we are actively engaged in scenario planning in order to deliver on that priority."

There’s no doubt that aside from the tennis itself the main things we’re all missing are the crowds the special atmosphere, the players themselves and let’s not forget the strawberries and cream!

The good news is for those who missed out on their 2020 tickets is that it’s announced that all of the tickets from 2020 will be transferable to those who want to the same day and court of the 2021 tournament.

Wimbledon, tennis

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