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Tourism in France

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

There are the obvious hotspots of France that everyone sees in the movies, but we all know there is more to France beyond that. Here are the top 5 non-obvious places to visit in France. Spoiler alert: no Eiffel Tower or Versailles.

Paris is a city of love, croissants and fashion. But this is only a small part of France. This is a country of magnificent nature, incredible castles and, of course, wine! Therefore, in this posy I will not talk about Paris and its many attractions, but I will tell you about what you can see besides the capital

1. Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy

Perhaps this is the first place worth visiting in Normandy. The Gothic style abbey was built in the 11-13th centuries and is included in the UNESCO heritage list. There is not only a stunning sea view from there, but you can feel like you’ve been taken back in time to the Middle Ages

 Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, UNESCO

2. The Châteaux of the Loire Valley

This is a truly fabulous valley of castles that will take you to aristocratic Renaissance France. There are water ditches and stunning gardens, amazing landscape along the Loire River, and unforgettable vibes

Châteaux of the Loire Valley

3. Bordeaux

Wine. Wine. And more wine. And lots of cheese to go with it. You need to go to on a wine tasting tour, complemented with cheese and baguettes. You can rent a bike and ride along the picturesque vineyards, feeling as if you’re in French romantic movie. If you are not a wine lover - don’t worry, the local cheese goes well even with tea;)

Bordeaux, French wine

4. The French Alps

If you have already decided to go to France, do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting the highest mountain in Europe, staying in a wooden house in the middle of a snowy valley with a fireplace, hot chocolate, and ski lifts in one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world. Believe me, these are the impressions that will stay with you forever.

French alps

5. Lyon

Lyonnais cuisine is famous for its delicious regional specialties such as quenelles (fish dumplings served in a creamy sauce), hearty meat dishes, sausages, and salads. So if you have long wanted to go on a gastronomic tour, want to visit a Michelin-starred restaurant, and at the same time enjoy the authentic atmosphere of France, then you should definitely go to Lyon!


Written by Alessandro

Alessandro is from Italy and fell in love with France after his visit at the 2016 Euro Cup. Since visiting for the tournament, Alessandro has seen France throughout every season and is planning a return trip after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

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