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Olympics 2020 best moments

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

This Olympics 2021 was the most unusual in the history: for the first time, all stadiums were empty. We are used to the fact that one of the largest sports events on the planet is enjoyed by thousands of spectators, but the pandemic dictates its own rules. Nevertheless, the competition took place and became truly unforgettable! Let’s look back at the Olympics 2020 best moments.

First, it should be noted that there’re still a lot of questions: was this the 2020 Olympics, or was it 2021? Due to the postponement, the official hashtag was #Olympics2020.

Tokyo city and the official logo
Olympics 2020 in Tokyo

Some people are still wondering: where were the Olympic games held? The competition was held in Tokyo (that has a little bit of everything for every type of traveler. Check out what not to miss in Tokyo here) and ended with the traditional closing ceremony on August 8th.

Another popular question is which Olympic team is rock this time? In the official standings, the United States is in the first place, earning a total of 113 medals. But we want to tell you about the greatest moments of these games, regardless of the team.

Erryon Knighton is a new fastest man in the World?

Everyone has always wanted to know who is the fastest man on the Planet? This time around we had no Usain Bolt in the 100m and some newcomers wanted to stake their claim to this elusive title. For the first time since 1992, we had a European winner by the name of Marcell Jacobs a sprinter from Italy who shocked the world with a time of 9.80!

Erriyon Knighton a 17-year-old sprinter from the USA announced his arrival to the world by taking 4th place in the final of the 200m with a time of 19.93 seconds. Usain Bolt 2.0? Let’s watch and wait!

Erriyon Knighton reacts after his semifinal of the men’s 200-meters at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
Erriyon Knighton at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)

Barshim and Tamberi shared a gold medal at the Olympics 2020

One of the biggest shows of sportsmanship you will ever see happen in the men’s triple jump final. Barshim (Qatar) and Tamberi (Italy) were both tied in the high-jump final. Usually the outright winner would be decided by a jump-off but Barshim asks the official: “Can we have two golds?” and so it was! We had two gold medal winners for the first time in Athletics history.

Two athletes shared a gold medal in men's high jump at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
2020 Olympics, two gold medalists, Tamberi from Italy and Bashrim from Qatar. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Karsten Warholm set a new world record in the 400m hurdles

If you haven’t watched the men’s 400m Hurdles Final then you missed one of the greatest races of all time. Heavy favorite Karsten Warholm from Norway obliterated his own world record by almost a second to win in a sensational time of 45.94. To put this into perspective the great Ed Moses could never break the 47-second barrier.

Karsetn Warhlom set a new world record in the 400m hurdles at the 2020 Olympics
Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Warhlom reacts after his new world record

Alyson Felix became the most decorated athlete of all time winning another medal at Tokyo Olympics

Alyson Felix who made her Olympic debut in 2004 became the most decorated American athlete of all time when she captured the 11th medal of her career with a gritty bronze in the 400m.

Allyson Felix won the bronze medal  in the women's 400-meter final at the Tokyo Olympics
Allyson Felix, after winning the bronze medal at 2020 Olympics. David Ramos / Getty Images

Brazil men dominated again at the Olympics winning their second straight gold in soccer. Let’s see if they can take that momentum into the World Cup 2022.

There was also a lot of criticism around this Olympics. Most of all, people were frightened by the holding games during the pandemic, but despite all the fears, the competition ended successfully. Thankfully we had no doping scandal to speak of in these Olympic games.

I hope these games will be remembered for the great efforts of the athletes and wonderful results!

Tokyo Olympic Games closed ceremony
Closing Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic

Next stop we have the Beijing Winter Olympics which I am sure will throw us a few curveballs.

Want to know more about the Olympic Games of the past? Check out our article about the 2016 Summer Olympics and 2010 Winter Olympics!

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