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FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualified Team: Germany


German Fans

Germany have won the World Cup 4 times, most recently at Brazil 2014 where in the semi finals they thrashed the hosts 7-1. Between 1982 and 1990 they reached 3 successive finals, winning once at Italia 1990. At Russia 2018 for the first time ever they failed to get out of the group stage. Germany have had brilliant players. Lothaur Matthias is regarded as Germany’s best ever midfielder. He captained Germany when they won Italia 1990 and won over 150 caps. He had a remarkable career starting in 1980 and ending at Euro 2000. During this time he made an astonishing 25 World Cup appearances.

When you think of German strikers the name Gerd Muller comes to mind. He scored an amazing 8 hat tricks playing for West Germany and scored 14 World Cup goals helping them win as hosts in 1974.

Travel section

The best time to visit Germany is summertime when the weather is warm and you can most enjoy the cities and of course the beer gardens.

Berlin has been unified since 1990 and is known for its Indie culture and creative spirit.

Start your visit to Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate. This 26m sandstone gate was ordered by King Frederick Wilhelm II in 1788 and its design is based on the Propylaea in Athens' Acropolis. The gate was a symbol of division for both Eastern and Western Berliners and was inaccessible from 1961 to 1989. After the collapse of the Berlin Wall on November 9 1989 the gate was officially opened to all on December 22 1989.

At Museum Island there are different museums to visit in Berlin. The Old Museum which was built in 1830 houses the Crown Jewels and other royal treasures.

The New Museum was demolished during WWII, but was rebuilt and opened again in 2009. It houses extensive collections from the Egyptian Museum, the Papyrus Collection, and the Collection of Classical Antiquities.

Don’t forget to visit the Pergamon. This is a Museum of Islamic Art, the Ishtar Gate, and reconstructed historic buildings from the Middle East. The newest museum attraction, the Humboldt Forum opened here in 2019 and has the Ethnological Museum of Berlin and the Museum of Asian Art insert photos

The city of Cologne has culture, entertainment and you can pamper yourself at the thermal baths. The Kolner Dom is a stunning cathedral in Cologne which is UNESCO listed. Continue on to the Old Town where you can explore the beautiful historic buildings and monuments. If you like shopping high fashion head to Agnesviertel.

Kolner Dom

In the Belgian Quarter you can grab some Belgian food and explore the many art galleries. In November Cologne has the most happening street festival in the world called the Cologne Carnival.

For the Foodies

There are some great German food to try.

Maultaschen are giant dumplings filled with savory or sweet ingredients. There are vegan options also. They can be pan fried in butter or simmered in a seasoned stock. These dumplings are so revered that in 2009 they were recognized as a region specialty by the EU for the state of Baden.


A very popular dish served in Germany is schnitzel. This is a breaded cutlet of thinly pounded veal or pork that is deep fried or pan fried. Usually the schnitzel is served with fried potatoes and cream sauces.

For a snack try a Brezeln. This is a baked pretzel which is a dough twisted into a knot. You can top your pretzel with cinnamon/nuts or you can eat it savory with salt and ground cheese.


There are tens of German beers to try and if you start drinking at Oktoberfest you may never leave.

Oktoberfest in Munich

This year the German national team has some strong players. Will they go far in the World Cup?

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