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FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualified Team: Denmark

Football Section

Denmark played their first World Cup at Mexico 1986. Since then they have played at four more World Cups. Their best performance at the World Cup was reaching the quarter finals at France 1998.

Brian and Michael Laudrup are two of the best players that Denmark produced. Both brothers helped Denmark win Euro 1992. Peter Schmeichel is Denmark’s most capped player. He kept goal 129 times. Fast forward today and his son Kasper Schmeichel

football goalie
Kasper Schmeichel

who plays for Leicester City will be between the sticks at Qatar 2022.

Travel Section

The best time to visit Denmark is between June and September with comfortable temperatures and long hours of daylight for hiking.

Copenhagen is very much a 21st century European Capital. There are a lot of great attractions to see in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Zoo has over 4000 animals to view. You can have unforgettable close encounters with giant pandas and see the world from a giraffes perspective at the Observational Tower.

Observation Tower at Copenhagen Zoo

The animals aren't the only show stopper at the zoo. The zoo is also home to some architectural delights including the panda habitat designed by Bjarke Ingels Group and the elephant house, designed by Norman Foster.

Panda Exhibit

Not to be missed is the Hippopotamus House with walls patterned like a hippo's skin, and the Arctic Ring which lets you to see the polar bears swimming underwater.

Located in central Copenhagen is the National Gallery of Denmark.

The National Gallery of Denmark

This gallery showcases Danish and international art from the past seven centuries. Here you will find gems by artists such as Mantegna, Nolde, Anna Ancher, Derain, Rubens, Matisse, Hammershøi, Munch, Abramovic, Danh Vo and Elmgreen & Dragset. This is a place to enjoy contemporary artists' work and the rising stars of the art scene.

The LEGO House in Billund, is where the LEGO brick was born. This attraction is for all ages to enjoy. There are nine themed playgrounds; three outdoor squares; and the Tree of Life. Also there is a 15-metre LEGO tree filled with details. You can also explore the Experience Zones, each representing the classic brick colors: Red for creativity, Green for role playing, Blue for cognitive challenges, and Yellow for emotions. Visitors can also learn all about the history of LEGO and its founders.

Display at the LEGO House

Kronborg Castle located in Helsingor is not only the setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Castle was built in 1640. It was used as a garrison for over a century. The castle was renovated in 1924. In the South Wing there is the Castle Chapel, which has a magnificent Renaissance interior with German wood carvings. The North Wing houses the great Ballroom or Knights' Hall. On display in the West Wing are beautiful tapestries.

For the Foodies

Stegt flæsk is considered the national dish of Denmark. This is crispy pork served with a parsley sauce and a side of potatoes. Some restaurants offer all you can eat Stegt flaesk for a fixed price.

Danish pastries... where to begin? These world famous sticky delights are also called Vienna Bread since they were invented by Austrian bakers in the 1840s are a staple in Denmark. Popular versions include Cinnamon Snail (kanelsnegl) or Seed Snappers (frøsnapper) pastries. You will probably start your morning off with a handful of these.

Danish pastries


You can go on an oyster safari and pick your own oysters from the shallow waters of the Limfjord and the North Sea. Your oysters should be enjoyed with a glass of champagne.

Denmark produces more beer per capita then any other country in the world.

The most famous Danish beer in the world is Carlsberg but there are plenty of other locally brewed beers to try at one of the many microbreweries located nationwide.

How will Denmark do at this year's World Cup?

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