One of the most visited continents because of its tourist hot-spots, Europe is also home to the birth place of football (soccer). Surround yourself in history and embrace some of the most enthusiastic football fans across this continent. 


UNESCO and the top sites to see in Europe

UNESCO is an organization with the goal to promote world peace and security through art, science and culture. It maintains more than 400 tourist sites throughout Europe. To help you plan your next trip to the continent, we have prepared a list of 8 unique and amazing UNESCO sites that you must visit.

Planning Travels, Tourism France

There are the obvious hotspots of France that everyone sees in the movies, but we all know there is more to France beyond that. Here are the top 5 non-obvious places to visit in France. Spoiler alert: no Eiffel Tower or Versailles.


Soccer Field, Euro Cup

UEFA Euro Cup 2016

While France is not the capital of football, there is no doubt that this country delivered first-class football players and an amazing Euro Cup tournament! Let me take you back to the UEFA Euro 2016 to remind you of France’s wonder in hosting.

Tennis Practice, Wimbledon

Wimbledon 2021

Will Wimbledon be back and kicking or swinging at least between June 28-July 11th 2021?


The first UEFA Euro Championship

Who are the winners over time?


How the stadiums look like?


How was the first championship held?


Read all the highlights here! 


Explore The Black Forest 

Explore wonderful nature, meet old legends and get incredible impressions at the Black Forest - special region in Germany!

Chocolate Truffles

Top 4 European countries for Chocolate

There are the food fanatics who love to try any dish that they can get their fork into, especially those with a sweet tooth. Below is a list of the top five destinations for real chocolate fans! Where you can find the best chocolate in Europe? Let's find out together with Travel&Sport!