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About the Blog

This blog is like no other – at least to my standards! My name is Aisha and I’ve decided to combine my love for both traveling and sports into one blog. Over the years of my travels, whether they be to explore a new landscape or to watch different sport tournaments, I bumped into like-minded travelers; travelers that after an exchange of a few words, we created indescribable bonds. I feel as if there is an unwritten travelers code where we share a sense of understanding that binds us explorers from all around the world. It is a heart-warming connection, and one that I wish to exhibit throughout these pages.

About the Writers

Most posts are written by me, but there will be posts written by some of the travelers I met along the years. I have been fortunate to keep in touch with these incredible explorers that wish to share their experiences with you through my blog. I am incredibly thankful to my friends that contribute to my vision of Travel & Sport and that wish to relive adventures through posts. Maybe in the future you (yes, you!) and I will cross paths and we’ll create memories to share here as well!

Why the Falcon 

I find something so freeing and exhilarating in birds. Part of me is also envious that I don't have a pair of wings that allow me to pick up and explore whenever I want. I imagine Travel&Sport through the eyes of a falcon since I will be bringing you stories and experiences from every location and angle. I created Alex the Falcon to be an icon for travelers and sport enthusiasts for a sense of connection and community.


If you see Alex around, you know an adventure is near by!

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Skyline of Doha
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